Wii U Specs

System specs

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
IBM multi-core
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
AMD Radeon HD
Supported Resolution
Up to 1080p
System Memory


Internal Storage
Flash Memory, SD card, SDHC card
Optical Drive
12cm Wii U Disc & 12cm Wii Disc.
12cm Disc Capacity
4.7Gb (or 8.5Gb Dual Layer)
Memory Expansion
1 x SD Memory

Backward Compatibility

Downloadable Games
Details to be confirmed
Disc Compatibility


USB 2.0
4 Ports
Bluetooth support
Internet Connectivity
Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Output ports
To be confirmed.


Connection method
Bluetooth (wireless)
Wii U GamePad
6.2 inch wide display, stereo sound, motion sensitivity, touch-screen, 2 analog sticks, D-pad, 4 face buttons, microphone, front-facing camera.

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