Action Girlz Racing

Published by Metro 3D, Developed by Data Design

Genres: Racing

US release date: Sep 11th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Action Girlz Racing user review

DDI wins the award for the worst Mario Kart clone I have ever seen.

Oliver Summers wrote this game review.

Review written by
Oliver Summers

March 9th, 2011

You know what's sad? Spending your hard earned money on a game that isn't even playable. You know what's even sadder? That moms will buy this game because of the "cute" boxart, and automatically think that it's a great game. Now, I think I finally understand why most girls hate video games. Because their childhoods are scarred for life with crap like THIS. Now let's think of a good example here. Little Suzy received a Nintendo Wii for her birthday, because her mother and father love her to death. So after about playing 4 months worth of Wii Sports, she tells her mother that she wants a new video game. So, as her mother looks around in wal-mart (because she thinks that it's the BEST place to buy video games), she comes across Action Girlz Racing. Seeing as how she saw the cute box art and the cheap price tag of only $10, she figures that it must be a steal. Without even looking at the back of the case to see what the game looks like she hands Suzy the game and she decides to play it...And then BOOM... That's it. She throws the Wii out the window and swears to never touch a video game again. Sad, isn't it? With all that in mind let's talk about why this game is so awful.


The level design is awful for starters, you will find yourself constantly crumpled up with the racers, which you can't maneuver your way past. Also, the controls are an absolute SHIPWRECK. The controls are highly unresponsive and very clunky whenever you try to turn. This also doesn't help the fact that the level design can be so awful in which you have to try to turn past the tight corners. To put it short. The game is absolutely unplayable.


Wait... WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T A PLAYSTATION 1?! Seriously, the visuals are downright hideous, character models are ugly and very blocky in which you can't really see their faces. Another gripe, the levels look like trash. Also the frame rate has a bad habit of dropping for no reason.


Awful voice overs, and bad repetitive music, rapes the eardrum.


About 5 minutes in you will throw out the cd before you even start the second race. It's literally that bad. And I feel sorry for the people that actually tried to beat this game.


Action Girlz Racing is without a doubt the worse racing game I have ever played on the Nintendo Wii, this game is nearly as bad as Big Rigs for the pc, if you're not retarded, and you love your children you WILL stay away from this game.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 1

Graphics: Graphics score: 2

Sound: Sound score: 1

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 1

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