Godzilla: Unleashed

Published by Atari, Developed by Pipeworks

Genres: Fighting / Action (2 players)

US release date: Dec 5th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Godzilla: Unleashed user review

Better than Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee

Jesus Ruiz wrote this game review.

Review written by
Jesus Ruiz

January 2nd, 2011

Well, to start off, this is a good game for Godzilla fans and non-Godzilla fans.

The sound/music/voice acting is K. Not OK, but K. The music is terrible. Forget the war in Iraq and start worrying about the music. You get a boatload of crap. If I were you, I would mute the music and get a stereo or an iPod and plug it in and listen to Godzilla monster march or Godzilla theme instead of that crap. Voice acting is horrible. You might as well mute the voice too. The monsters sounds are from their movie counterparts. All the sounds are there from all the monsters.

Godzilla: Unleashed screenshotThe plot is kind of bad too. It involves crystals, aliens, and of course, monsters. Giant crystals take over earth and some of them make monsters go crazy. Is if it weren't enough, the Vortaak (aliens) try to take over Earth. It is reasonable.

Gameplay is OK. Sometimes when you want to grab a building, you jump. You press and swing the Wii remote to do actions and press the nunchuck buttons to do an energy attack.

Graphics for this game is reasonable. It's not like you're playing a PS3. The buildings look K. You can stomp on them and you can hit them. The fairly tall ones sink into the ground (That's so Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee). The monster look like their movie versions. They look better than the PS2.

Godzilla: Unleashed screenshotCharacters! There are a lot! 23 characters. Some for example are: MechaGodzilla 1, Titanisorouse, Biollante, King Ceasar, Varan, and two new ones: Obsidius and Krystalak. They look like their movie versions.

Camera. That is bad. Sometimes the camera moves in many different directions. You can notice it in some of the intros the monsters do before a battle.

Overall, this is a good action game.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 5

Graphics: Graphics score: 5

Sound: Sound score: 4

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 7

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