Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Published by Activision, Developed by Raven Software

Genres: Action / RPG (1 players)

US release date: Nov 19th, 2006 | EU release date: -

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance user review

Have you ever beat a game with one button?

wii addict wrote this game review.

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wii addict

When I bought this game I was thinking "wow there's a lot of super heroes in this game, it must be good". Me being a huge Marvel fan I am quite pissed and a little sad. I mean I spent money on this game expecting that all the reviews of this game to be a little underrated. So when I got home, I opened up the game and I looked at the book, what the hell, there are like 5 pages. As I played the game it dawned on me that it felt like I shouldn't be finishing it this fast. You don't feel like you're in control, and most of the game you're pressing the same button. The game is pretty easy, I beat it in one day and that was with breaks for lunch and school.

If you have ever played X-Men Legends (great game), you know that you get four characters to put in your party. In Ultimate Alliance you could have any four super heroes and sometimes, only need 1 hero to complete the entire game. The heroes are too strong. When you make it to the half way point you can turn off the game and forget about it. The enemies in the game are too easy. You can just use your power over and over. This is the most annoying part.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance screenshotThis game has some replay value. Ultimate Alliance is just a big book of everything about Marvel. You could know nothing about Captain America, then towards the end you could bore your friends with your knowledge. The more you play the more you learn. Depending who you are, certain NPCs will act different. You can also find the danger room discs and play those, or you can just look for the stupid comic covers.

The sound is the best part about this game, along with the cutscenes. The graphics are pretty good, not the best, but good.

I would recommend borrowing from your friend. It is not worth the 40 bucks or the 5 dollars to rent. Play Super Mario Galaxy.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 5

Graphics: Graphics score: 7

Sound: Sound score: 8

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 6

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