Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Published by EA, Developed by EA

Genres: Shooting / FPS (1 players)

US release date: Nov 13th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 user review

World Wars are more interactive than you think!

Eljize Blize wrote this game review.

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Eljize Blize

Going to get straight to the point, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is one of the best first person shooters out there for the revolutionary Nintendo Wii. Being one of the best FPSs out there for Wii, behind Metroid Prime 3 Corruption and being one of the most popular WWII FPSs out there on any system, MOH H2 should be no surprise to being a great game right? Right MOH has always been a great game on all home consoles since when it first came out on PS1 in 1999 and published by EA.

EA has kept its motto, saying "don't fix what isn't broken" and it has showed on MOH H2. From the previous MOH on Wii, "Vanguard" which wasn't exactly perfect, EA has changed the IP box sensitivity and made it fully customizable. Go to your options menu and go to sensitivity and completely edit your IP settings. Edit it until you feel fully comfortable with your sensitivity level. You could make the IP box large or small this is for the people that do like the very sensitive controls or can't stand them.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 screenshotHeroes' motion controls are also a lot more advanced than Vanguard's. Like putting the wiimote to your ear and aiming with the nunchuk to shoot with rocket launchers, and pumping the nunchuk to reload a shotgun after every single shot. Also more interactive objects like pressing switches and turning knobs in MOH H2 is fully motion controlled. The wiimote is used pretty often in MOH H2.

But why are you toting guns and pressing buttons in MOH anyway? Well here is the answer, you are OSS operative John Berg. Berg is here to stop Hitler's regime throughout all of Holland. You'll be going through towns, beaches, ruins, WHATEVER to stop Hitler and the Nazi Krauts in their tracks and go back home for the first time in 8 MOH years. While going through these destinations you'll be using lots of artillery from MG42s, shotties and newly introduced to a MOH game: pistols. Pistols don't really have any motion controls to them besides reloading and obviously "pistol whipping" for the very violent people out there. But these small guns will pack the punch for you.

The scratches and textures on these old 40s guns will make your head spin violently for the first time in a Wii FPS title. The graphics are just that spectacular. The lighting effects and destructible effects are just as good too, but these have been seen in Vanguard already, but just a little bit more detailed is all.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 screenshotGood looking guns doesn't mean developers stop there, drag it on a little bit more and see that you need good sounds from the guns as well. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 does just that. Even the sounds from the Wiimote sound fantastic. A game, especially an FPS, hasn't done that in quite some time on the Wii. The sound from the Wiimote with a "bazooka" travels from the Wiimote to the TV and doesn't make me disappointed. Maybe some expect a little speaker to have some power on the side, which it never will.

MOH H2 should last you about six hours in the campaign mode and 2-3 hours in the arcade mode which is pretty fun. The controls work really well, except with the Zapper peripheral. Not a fan of the Zapper, in MOH H2 it seems like a gigantic gimmick. But on-rail shooting in a MOH game is just pure gold; works well, long and fun. Nothing else to beg for.

Having all this fun stuff would be fun in a multiplayer mode right? Okay try playing the game against 31 other people, sounds pretty great right? Well it is, playing 32 online multiplayer on 6 different maps and 3 different modes is the best online the Wii has seen since its launch 1 year ago. No friend codes on the side too. Imagine if this game did have Friend Codes it would be terrible. Most of you guys don't even know any friends that possess a Wii. For the online you must go through EA Nation, which is a pain but is very smart for EA to do, though takes some time. But hey, 32 people online. If you already have an EA Nation account, you are in good luck, it is already there for you when you sign in.

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 screenshotWith good news there always follows bad news. The multiplayer does have some (and I say some) lag issues. The farther away, the more the online lag comes. Lag happens sometimes though, just every once in a while. The controls and sensitivity also get toyed with too just to make it more easier on people when they are in a huge 1-on-18 battle against others. For example the 1 button is now the melee attack instead of the motion with the Wiimote and nunchuk pushing forward. Also the shotgun pump with the nunchuk is off but you can turn it back on. The last lame thing the online doesn't have is the text chatting. It used to before it came out but due to potty mouth gamers that just have to curse when they play a game it got canned. I'm not a potty mouth gamer but Nintendo seriously, "stop thinking little kids are always around and what could a 9 or 10 year old be doing with a T rated game and how did they get it, need a teen or older on your side".

The Good: Heroes 2 has good graphics, sound and lighting. Also create a soldier for the online play.

The Bad: Some bad enemy AI and some lagged online play. EA Nation sign up time.

I wish: The Wii's "WiiWare" service will get here soon and have more online maps and online character customizations for Heroes 2 downloads.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 9

Graphics: Graphics score: 10

Sound: Sound score: 10

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 9

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