The Simpsons

Published by EA, Developed by EA

Genres: Action

US release date: Oct 30th, 2007 | EU release date: -

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Simpsons is funny, but is it fun?

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The Simpsons is my favorite TV show, so when I bought this for $50, I thought this is the game for me! It turns out to be a mixed result. The dialogue of the cutscenes is hilarious, and they will easily be your favorite part of the game.

The gameplay would be a whole lot better if it didn't have so many camera issues. I almost failed the tutorial because of the camera! You have to use the d-pad to control the camera, straining your fingers in the process. Having co-op is better than single player, if you want your friend to share the frustration you already have. In single player, it is impossible to complete a task without a partner AI. The trouble is that the AI is awful! I can't count how many times the AI died on purpose.

With these gameplay flaws you won't want to come back for more, even if you do miss an entire episode of The Simpsons that isn't broadcast on TV. The graphics are decent however, with its bright and cheerful outlook. Of course the sound is awesome thanks to the original voice actors.

The Simpsons game is poor overall, and is only for die hard Simpsons fans who can make it past the ridiculous amount of puzzles. The wit and comedy of the game (you can collect video game cliches!) and special guests, including The Sims creator, sadly do not make up for the games ridiculous flaws.


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 5

Graphics: Graphics score: 7

Sound: Sound score: 10

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 3

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