Alien Syndrome trailer

A gameplay trailer has been revealed for Sega's upcoming game Alien Syndrome. It's a classic styled top-down shooter.

I'm undecided at this time.

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Chaos said:

Does the next generation need this kind of "arcade-style" gameplay?


Nate said:

It looks decent. I wonder what the control scheme will be.


Ekaj185 said:

Hmm. I might rent first.


Omega Red said:

I think it looks pretty fun. Of course that could be the SEGA fanboy in me talking.


Ferox said:

Does not look like a game I would bother with, they should just bring ikari warriors to the VC. I suppose though if it had online multiplayer it would be somewhat fun.


Hey said:

Hey hey, looks good to me.


Bapa said:

Dude, anything with blowing up stuff is fun. It may not be next-gen, but I'm getting it.


Crimson Hawk said:

Things blowing up. This is my kind of game!

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