Bleach on Wii

The popular anime series Bleach is to hit our favorite up-n-coming console the Wii. No real statements have been released, but this month's issue of Shonen Jump magazine features a related image (see below). Hopefully some official word from Sega will transpire soon.

Bleach coming to Wii?

Keep informed of any updates on our Bleach games page.

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SSBB Master said:

Alright! Now more people are gonna get the Wii!


r3nji said:

Hope this game will be better than previous ones, they've been kinda meh. But wii is gonna rock anyway!


Chaos said:

A little piece of info from Wired tells me that this game is coming to the US along with a DS game called Bleach: The Blade of Fate. The DS game will be on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection too.

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