Bomberman Land trailer

Bomberman Land has been out in Japan for a long while, but is now set for a US release late in January. Hudson has made this trailer showing off the game's features:

Seems like it offers much more than the standard 2D games, but I get the feeling it's aimed at casual gamers. Wap wap wap-wap.

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Epsilon said:

I love Bomberman but they're really starting to drift away from what made the original series great huh? If you ask me, Hudson should focus on expanding on the original gameplay rather than "RPG elements" and minigames.


BrAwL said:

I'll look into this one.


nitte said:

Oh my god, I was really looking forward to a new Bomberman game - the classic is such a blast, but this? Right down the toilet.


i need a wiieww said:

Bomberman's still going?

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Juan said:

Looks like fun, I might buy it.


Nintendoof said:

*sigh* I miss the original.

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