Crash - Mind over Mutant trailer

As posted yesterday, generic pest Crash Bandicoot is still coming back for more in a new game called Mind over Mutant. There's now a trailer. Enjoy if you can.

Personally I find it hard to be optimistic about this game, but you never know. Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant comes out in October.

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Jonny said:

Looks gimmicky.


Wii Freak said:

Did anyone notice that crash had a mohawk?


i need a wiieww said:



Wii Rox said:

Well, same environment as the last one, but this could still be a good one.


Fishmon said:

He's STILL alive? Maybe they think they have a fan. Also, what kind of bastard sneaks up on a mutant-thing and kicks him in the balls? Not cool, man. Not cool.


Crash Bandicoot said:

Hey, Nintendo fanboy asswipes, how 'bout playing my game before bitchin' about it!?


Wiipaw said:

Fo shizzle, Bandi-to-the-coot.

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