Death Jr video

Some gameplay footage from Death Jr: Root of Evil. *SPOILER* Death dies!

All I know is my heart says maybe. Fun action puzzler or yawnfest with recycled ideas? Ye be the judge.

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Rob Jones

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Scooby Jew said:

I don't remember Death even being related to guns in any way. In my opinion this seems like it has recycled ideas, but also has some potential. Let's hope for the best; the Wii's starting to lack some good game titles.

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Charlie said:

Looks a lot better than I expected. Graphics poor though.


Wii Freak said:

How ironic that death dies.


Wiipaw said:

How exactly can you kill death? Does that mean no one would die? How can you do something to the something? Skwark! Does not compute *makes powering down sound*.

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