Dewy's Adventure stunning trailer

The Wii-exclusive Dewy's Adventure from Konami now has a gameplay trailer for all to see.

It looks pretty special, I can't wait for this one.

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Quartzlcc said:

Could you put YouTube videos here instead? These god damned videos have glitchy stop and start buttons, and automatically start five million times even though it's nowhere near loaded enough. And then when you pause it because it isn't far enough loaded in the middle, it takes you back to the start, and you can't push pointer further on the damned bar.


Keelan said:



stinky12694 said:

Nice graphics!


Hey said:

Looks decent.


Dave Falcon said:

Yeah and woohoo.


Omega Red said:

Does look pretty fun, a lil kiddish but really fun to play. And the graphics look pretty good too. Is Dewy new? Or is the birth of a new franchise?


wiiman said:

This looks like pimped out blob zelda.


Scooby Jew said:

Wow. Looks like an amped version of Super Monkey Ball morphed with LoZ bosses and dungeon style. The music has got to go though, annoyed the hell out of me.


Dan said:

Seems like a pikmin almost.


Ekaj185 said:

Kind of reminds me of the best game ever (Banjoe-kazooie).

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Nova said:

I think it looks a lot like kirby. I like how the temperature of the thing makes the gameplay.


TDS said:

I suspect that the graphic quality of Wii games will steadily improve over the next year. Once companies have time to dedicate to making games like this from scratch, instead of porting old titles (not a complaint, as I am currently playing "Prince of Persia" and enjoying it).


cmk said:

As of now I want this game. But please use youtube or quicktime videos if possible, these suck. They almost never work.

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