Disaster Day of Crisis footage

I came across a cool video with some Disaster: Day of Crisis clips. Apparently the footage is from last year, but it was new to me at least. Check this out!

DDoC is a survival game where you have to live through a variety of natural disasters, all the while fighting a mysterious criminal group who have taken possession of a nuclear weapon.

Although it's true you can make anything look good in a montage, I'm optimistic this one will turn out great. It looks like a winner.

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stinky12694 said:

Friking awesome.


Seamninja said:

Holy crap this game looks tehran awesomezors.


TDS said:

I can't wait to use my handgun against that Tsunami and Volcano. Take that, evil Tornado!


Chaos said:

It's great that Nintendo are really living up to the claims that the Wii is for everyone. I don't care what happens-- I HAVE to get that game!


tabsina said:

Looks new to me.


cmk said:

Well yeah you never know, but it looks great.


Gonzo said:

That seems interesting, I might get the game.


wiimaster said:



Owlboy said:

*Drools* I love you Wii you bring so many new and interesting things to the gaming world.


jimbotron173 said:

It looks like something out of an apocalypse movie. I wonder if the control scheme will be good. Big risk of another Red Steel (bounding box isn't tight enough!). I'll see what else I can find out about it.


j.r. said:

I knew about this game. I just never saw the trailer.


Pottsy said:

It does look very good! Hope we get some new footage soon.


wii rox said:

I see a lot of potential here.


Scooby Jew said:

I've seen very similar footage like that on Nintendo's website once, but they removed it right when I discovered Wii's World.


Hey said:

A while back I predicted you'd have to shoot the natural disasters. I kind of doubt that plan will come into play.


Hey said:

I want.


john77 said:

Looks good, this game is going to be a great surprise for the Wii.


Divinity Boy said:

No you just have to survive the attack and aftermath of the disaster and also fight the crims. Looks COOL.


Emillionare said:

This game is off the hook. I can't wait.

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