Disaster Day of Crisis new trailer

Here's a new trailer for Disaster: Day of Crisis showing Ray's battle against mother nature and SURGE, and guess what? They kidnapped... her.

Europeans can expect to see DDoC hit the shelves on October 24th, 2008. Not long to wait.

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Vive la Ouii said:

Oh no! Not.. her.


robotninjapirate said:

What will we do without.. her.


DrMario12 said:

Damn this game looks so good why isn't it coming to the US! I need to save HER.


Nintendoof said:

We won't survive without.. her.


karam said:

Man that is what's gonna happen in 2012 to us.


cartooning said:

You can't save everyone but you can save all the women.

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Nova said:

Well at least we're finally starting to see some coverage. Even if it is kind of vague. I don't think this will make anyone either want or not want to buy the game. Oh well. Time will tell.

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