Donkey Kong wants his bananas back

We pretty much saw this in the E For All video, but today's Super Smash Bros Brawl is about Donkey Kong, and his bananas getting stolen in Adventure mode.

Poor Goomba!

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SuperMatt said:

I see goomba! Diddy kongs so cool in this video.


the smash master said:

I already saw this one but it has good sound anyway.


Wii Freak said:

This time it had the original music.


Amazon Kevin said:

Man! DK's got a fierce Roar.


Super King said:

Boo. I never thought I'd say this but this update was disappointing. We've seen it already! I guess it didn't have sound before, but. There should have been another update to go with this one.


pichu fan said:

Looks like diddy kong was in the matrix. I like the slow motion with the peanut vs the bill. Better if they talked.


ssbbssbbssbb said:

I think I saw this already.


BrothaZ said:

Yeah it's too bad all of us have seen this, but having it on the official site is nice.


Aeth said:

Already saw this, but it is still awesome to see Diddy Kong do his matrix popgun firing at the Bullet Bills. Though I think Donkey Kong should have done a bit more than throw a Goomba.


Nintendoof said:

Was that juices coming out of that Koopa or leaves? Yowch.


RisingPhoenix said:

A wasteful day. Updates have been lacking ever since the Sonic update.


feb10isfartheraway said:

The post also revealed that Bowser plays a bad guy (duh).


EDD said:

Wow this looks tight. This video makes donkey kong and diddy look good.


Washu's Guinea Pig said:

More like poor Koopa. DK just flat out shattered its shell.


B Darius said:

Dynamic Duo.


Elebot said:

A little disappointed in the update, but it was still a great video. I just knew what was going to happen.


Epsilon said:

Beh, nothing new to me.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Since when did Diddy's hat have the Nintendo logo on it? It's the small things that matter.


N00bhunter0 said:

Oh my god monkey matrix.


rabid rabbid said:

It's so cliche, when the bullet bill goes boom behind them.

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