E3 Nintendo Direct given date & time

E3 Nintendo Direct given date & time

Wii U-centric presentation

Nintendo shocked many when it revealed last month that it would not be holding one of its usual press conferences at this year's E3.

Today it has been announced that the next Nintendo Direct will be on June 11- the first day of E3- at 10 am Eastern and 7 am Pacific time. This one in particular will be all about upcoming Wii U games.

Satoru Iwata mentioned in the most recent Direct that more information on the new Smash Bros., 3D Mario, and Mario Kart would be given around the time of the expo. So these games will most likely be the centerpiece of the stream, especially considering they are high-profile Wii U titles that little is known about still.

As usual, you can watch the showcase here at the aforementioned date and time. What Wii U game are you most excited about seeing?

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