Endless Ocean bug

This lucky user discovered a glitch in Endless Ocean (known as Forever Blue in Japan).

Maybe it'll be cleared up before the game is released overseas.

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Rob Jones

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Quartz said:

Umm, heh.


Scooby Jew said:

Wow, that is annoying. The game itself looks pretty annoying as well with that crazy Japanese music. I'm sure the American version probably wouldn't have much better music, so I doubt I'm going to get this. I feel sorry for Arika or whatever if they don't fix that glitch. A lot of people are going to complain and give their company a bad image.

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Nova said:

I doubt that the american version will have so much j-pop. Not that it's bad. The game looks good though, I like the visual appearance.


Wiimaster said:

I like japanese music, but the american version won't probably have the same music. Plus if you look at the menu screen you can upload your own music too. But with that glitch I wouldn't release overseas without a fix.


Shade521 said:

I'm like 90% sure that music is added. Possibly through some in game mechanic. Mainly because after the 2nd crash, they go to a menu with an mp3 file in it, and after they click one of the options, the music changes. If nothing else, sounds like there is at least a selection of music.


Wiipaw said:

Is there a minus world?


Crimson Hawk said:

That would be cool if you could play your music from your mp3 and download it into the game. When he was choosing those sea creatures, every time it crashed, does that mean you can choose the creatures you want to see?


rimedragona said:

Yes, that music was added. There's an option on the boat where you can play your own mp3s instead of listening to the games music. And in the Aquarium, you can choose to add any of the fish you've learned about to populate it. I'm pretty sure the glitch was fixed in the US version, because I've never experienced that. However, I'm not very far into the game.


osu340 said:

It's actually a great game, especially if you like animals. Now what most people don't know is that you can put your own music. Plus that glitch is gone, I checked - so it is. The music is pretty slow. The only thing I dislike is the effort you have to beat it. Now your like "So it's not hard" but it's so easy if you just listen to the guide you'd know how to beat it.

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