Fragile trailer

Publishers Namco Bandai have now released a trailer for the recently announced RPG, Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon.

It features a little gameplay footage and a lot of Japanese jabberings.


Ah Hotaru. This Star, it's this sort of vastness the Earth is overflowing with people, but every person thinks "why am I alone?".

It's because their mind is wrought with madness. To end this madness I must destroy that world, and to do that, I must locate the virus.

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Wiipaw said:

So he's a communist?

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Nova said:

Kind of short. But from the few pieces of footage it's easy to see that this game won't be graphically enhanced.


sidkid004 said:

WHOO-HA!- Al Pacino. The translation is really making me scratch my head. Are you looking for a cure for a virus? Anyway I'm still interested.


Keranu said:

Thanks for posting the translation, which is quite interesting and confusing. Is she going to kill the whole world by finding a deadly virus? If so, that sounds pretty awesome.


Nintendoof said:

Oh. Hotaru's a girl?! Or what?


Wiimaster said:

She is killing the land and population with the virus while you (seto) must locate her and kill her. Looks great.


WiiNinja said:

Oh, I figured it out! So when he says "destroy that world", he really means to end loneliness for everyone (because they're all alone).

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