Geometry Wars Wii trailer

Here's a trailer for Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

Well, at least that wasn't weird.

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Jorte said:

Wait. What?


asparaWIIgus said:

LOL, that was the stupidest thing EVER.


Keranu said:

That was a fantastic trailer.

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Nova said:

I feel sorry for the shape actors.


Light Math Gamer said:

This is what I call an "anti-marketing" campaign. A sure way to get rid of any future customer.


Super King said:

They Might Be Giants! HECK YES.


Scooby Jew said:

Hah, that guy looked so clueless when he said "Nah". I loved the gameplay shots, but the people in the background were really useless. I can't believe this game is only going to be for $20 (this game is it, right?).


eric ♥ wii said:

Wow. It doesn't get any more random than that.


divinity boy said:

Particle man, particle man, doing the things a particle can. Cool trailer.


Epsilon said:

I played this at PAX this weekend and I found it to be much more interesting than the original XBLA version. Definitely a game to at least try out.

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Nova said:

I looked on amazon and it said it was $39. I don't think I'll get it but the game looks good.


Wherewulf1 said:

Actually, I like it! It's different, and seems like fun. But maybe I'm just weird.


Nintendoof said:

Geometry Wars is great but, that commercial was ughhh *gag*.

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