Guitar Hero 3 box

Want a look at the Guitar Hero 3 packaging? Here's the big guitar box, the box art, the guitar and some kind of... strap?

Guitar Hero 3 package


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Master Foot said:

Now that's a heavy duty wiimote strap. It would be interesting to see which system sells the most GH3 units.


da bomb said:

I wonder what the wiimote functionality will be. If it works good, this game will sell out on its first day.


Scooby Jew said:

I bet the Wii's going to sell more because you can now "move" the guitar, it's cheaper, and the Wii has been selling the most console units as it is. If anybody doesn't buy it because it doesn't have good graphics, well, I wouldn't consider that a loss. I'm really hoping to see more Iron Maiden in this game though. Number of the Beast is good, but if they don't have Run to the Hills, they don't really have Iron Maiden on this game (RTTH = Iron Maiden). The guitar looks really awesome by the way, and I like how they outlined the buttons.


Zelda-dude said:

The wiimote is probably there to make the game wireless. It looks pimp.


lman07 said:

I don't see an wi-fi sticker for this game. That's disappointing since xbroke and ps3 will have this game online.


Yoshi-1up said:

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

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Dominic said:

Next to the straps to the right, are those stickers?


Jimmy said:

Very nice. I like! Wonder when it comes out in AUS?


wii love wii said:

(This is just a guess) The system that's going to sell the most in order from lowest to highest Ps3. Xbox360. Wii.


wiifan1975 said:

I never gave a crap for this. But for the Wii, and maybe some motion controls of the guitar; I'm interested now. Can't wait to try this out.


Zendalf said:

YAY! My first Wii game buy since madden 07 when it first came out.


mav said:

Iman 07 it is a wifi thing, you can battle people on the internet! It's going to be awesome.


Gonzo said:

Imma be rockin my guitar. This game is going to be fun. You can actually move the guitar now.


cmk said:

Dearest gonzo: was your GH1 or GH2 guitar welded to the wall? Because I seem to remember being able to move the old guitar (and it also had motion sensing).


agrsk8r said:

Cmk, I think what they mean by "move the guitar" is that the character in the game mimics your movements of the controller. When you tilt, your character tilts. This is the first I've read about it and it sounds like a cool feature. I hope it's in there.


Luigi 101 said:

So do I and I've been hearing that this game should have a new battle mode. It's kind of like Mario Kart (Go Luigi!) but with the guitar.


A Yoshi Fan said:

COOL! Now what's the price?


A Yoshi Fan said:

Oh, and PLEASE let us download GH2 songs.

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