Harvey Birdman gameplay video

Some gameplay footage of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law has been released. I'm thinking this game will be pretty funny.

Developed by Capcom, the game is scheduled for release in January 2008.

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tantheman35 said:

Seems kind of annoying and slow. But maybe other people will like it.


feb10isfartheraway said:

Hilarious, but I think that this game is a little too simple. I mean, it's just like one of those old fashioned point and click computer games, you do something and something else happens. Push the wrong button and BOOM, you die.


Super King said:

Probably only for fans of the show. AKA myself.


kareshi is black said:

Why is Zangief in jail lmao.


unityx3 said:

Looks more like a pc flash game, not a Wii game.


jskrdude said:

This might be something to rent.


knave84 said:

Nice to see the adventure game coming back.


Keranu said:

This is awesome, it's great to see digital comics coming back.


TruBlu said:

The graphics are "as seen on TV".

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