Heatseeker box cover

I'm not usually one for posting box art, but this looks pretty hawt!

Heatseeker Box Art
Heatseeker box art.

Heatseeker screenshots have many people excited so far, could publishers Codemasters have a surprise winner on their hands? Bless them.

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wiiman said:

This is a great way to put their product out. This is a great cover and depending on the game I might buy this. .


Ekaj185 said:

Ha that's looks awesome!


Gonzo said:

That looks hot. Once again, looks like another war game. Which I'm not that mad at.


wiifan1975 said:

I am really excited about this game. I have always loved flight sim type games where you can just fly and shoot. Not many available on the GC but I hope this will be different for the Wii. Read a few articles on this already and it just looks awesome. Hope this is going to be worth the hype and money. Thanks for bringing this to the Wii.


Jason Pilcher said:

I'll pass, I'm not much of a plane person.


Sonic Fan said:

Damn! That is sweet!


TheKid said:

I think this will be cool, MG as trigger, controller as joystick for flying, Nunchuck for after-burner and missiles. This will be revolutionary!


Koen van Beeck said:

Yikes! That's freaking awesome. Too bad I'm not interested in the game whatsoever, because... Wow!


DragonFoxCoon said:

Is this a direct "Bite Me" to Sony? I picture this game's control working like how the Sixaxis would, except with less buttons and more rumble. Bite me, Sony.


Elementrat said:

I'm back! I finally got my Wii! I was really interested in this game until I heard it was also being made for the 360 or some other platform. Wii needs its own games, not side by side IPs on multiple other consoles.

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