Shopping channel breaks TV with Wii accessory

A salesman demonstrating Wii accessories on the Home Shopping Network damaged the TV set being used, as seen in this video:

Make sure that your accessories are definitely latched on all the way! - words to live by right there.

Perhaps even more funny is how much they've bumped up the price for including these pieces of plastic.

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Nova said:

I've seen a LOT of videos like these. People need to STEP BACK from their TVs.


regigigas said:

What a dumbass.


SkullHydra said:

What a n00b.


insultman911 said:

I don't think anybody puts that much enthusiasm into just serving a tennis ball in a video game. Just one flick of a wrist then there you've got a serve with no tvs harmed.


Grey said:

Bwa! That sure made Nintendo look good.


Nintendo4Ever said:

I mean what?! Can't he step back?


jeet said:

People need to learn not to hump their tvs while paying Wii. Dumbmass.


MrPewPew said:

So many TVs have to die. This flat a future, idiot!


Thoob said:

He didn't hit it cause he was too close. The end of the tennis racket flew off.

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