Iron Chef America trailer

A trailer announcing a new game for Wii and DS, it's Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine.

Well er, that was intense. The game is being published by Destineer. No release dates are set for the time being.

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ToTaLgAmEr said:

Hilarious. Looks like a bad game though.


MrBill said:

I wonder if the game is as cheesy as this trailer.



We do not need crappy low grade games like this constantly spamming the Wii.


Vive le Ouii said:

That was.. wrong. Rated RP for Retarded People.


Tommy The Wii Man said:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh wow.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

More crap! Come on Nintendo, control your system like you did with NES or Super NES.

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Nova said:

Strange. They used the old Wii box design.

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dave said:

That dude was in Last of The Mohicans and something else I think. Also, that was weird and almost funny.


i need a wiieww said:

The weirdness makes me cry.


wasup said:

He was in a CSI episode too. Played a monk.


Dark Star said:

OK? I knew the Wii was branching out into uncharted territory but these waters rarely allow those that enter to leave unscathed (Geez, where did that come from. That was darker than most things I say).


WiLo said:

The game will be great to the people that like to cook (like me), and the others that think that the game will be a bad game is because you don't grow up.


Carly said:

Iron Chef for the Wii?! I'm so excited! All you haters just don't understand the genius that is Iron Chef.


Anne said:

Mark Dacascos was in Brotherhood of the Wolf- not Last of the Mohicans- and lots more.


New Wi Girl said:

I agree with WiLo! I have preordered this game and for those of you bashing it, you might try it. You might just learn something instead of how to jump, punch, kick, and beat things up. Genious creation.


Shan said:

That could be fun if it's like Cooking Mama or Cake Mania.


Carolyn said:

I think Shan is right- if it's an improvement on Cooking Mama, it could be good. Unfortunately, I'm more inclined to believe it'll be a rushed-to-production title looking to cash in on the unsuspecting rather than a serious, well-thought concept that furthers the platform.

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