Mario in London promo

In an effort to boost awareness of Mario's latest adventure in the UK, Nintendo have set up a promotion where a gigantic 150ft image is beamed onto the face of Battersea Power Station, a well known building in London.

Mario Galaxy building ad.

David Yarnton of Nintendo UK commented:

"Mario-mania is huge and yesterday we proved it by beaming a giant image onto one of London's iconic landmarks. We expect the release of Super Mario Galaxy to help break the 200 million franchise barrier".

Wii demand is fervent across the UK, where it's increasingly hard to find the console in stock at retail. Super Mario Galaxy releases tomorrow, November 16th.

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User comments


wiicloud9 said:

That's freakin' nice.


DeanPOWER said:

That's amazing! I wish I could see that for myself. Hoping to play Mario Galaxy tomorrow.


rapzeh said:

Oh my god it's coming out tomorrow, I'm so excited.


Superbrawl1 said:

Already got my copy here in the UK and it freakin rocks.


Wii Freak said:

It wasn't hard for me to get super mario galaxy.


The Mario said:



feb10isfartheraway said:

Eeeeekkk. That's kind of scary.


SSB4LIFE said:

Jeez, that's so cool. I wish I could have seen it live. Super Mario Galaxy rules.


Wiimaster said:



insultman911 said:

Mario galaxy's awesome.


sidkid004 said:

Hella cool.


Aeth said:

Hey, anyone else notice "Super Mario Galaxy" no longer has the stars underneath the letters U, R, M, R, G, A, Y?


BrothaZ said:

To those of you in UK, good luck getting the game. Going to pray for ya to get this amazing game.


Gonzo said:

Good advertisement.


Nintendoof said:

Galaxy is so awesome. And you can play as Luigi after you get all of the Power Stars. I have to admit, for a Mario adventure game, the bosses are pretty tough. If you have the game and are as far as the Bedroom dome, try the Bouldergeist Boss with a Daredevil comet there. Trust me, you will get frustrated.


Sion said:

That's super cool.


Nuked Burrito said:

Nintendoof, ya that's what I thought at first, that was going to be one tough boss battle. But I took it slow and calm, did it my first try. I was really surprised, I feel they really toned the game down a lot. I'm still in the bedroom and just about have the required 60 stars to beat bowser. Games over the generations have gone from amazingly hard to pretty simple.

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