Mario Strikers online interface

Some pictures have been leaked of the Mario Strikers Charged online user interface. Judging by the screens, the game will feature friend codes.

Mario Strikers Charged friend code screen
Enter a friend code.

Mario Strikers Charged pre-match screen
Just before a match starts.

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Zendalf said:



Quartzlcc said:

Not bad.


Zenda said:

Duh, I want to play with anyone not just my friends, as they won't have the games I have and won't be online at the same time.


chrisbjwii said:

Mama mia.


soulbreather said:

Crap, friend codes aren't a good thing. Think that there will be hundreds of people playing at once, I ain't entering all them.

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Nova said:

Wasn't that pokemon game going to be the first with online playing?


Scooby Jew said:

Oh man, please tell me all Wii games are going to have this interface (with a few extra features, of course).


eric ♥ wii said:

Looks awesome. So will this be the first wi-fi game for the Wii.


Elementrat said:

Eww. Stop it Ninty. You still have the chance! Cancel this madness.


Ekaj185 said:

Looks pretty cool. That Noe persons Wii looks funny.


pentaclan said:

Will you need points to play online?


wiiboy101 said:

Why enter a friends code, can't we exchange friends codes and then auto save them? Why the drawn out input it yourself.


cmk said:

Wiis world! Pay attention! You should have a section here where regular posters can list their friend codes. Or at LEAST start a news item to post friend codes to, because I'd like to pwn noah of Nintendo bunker at SSBB.


Name123 said:

Hey nova just to tell you the Wii pokemon game came to japan like so long ago and this just came out now.

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