Two new trailers for Metroid Prime 3

The Metroid promo channel that launched a few days ago has been updated with two new videos. The first is a trailer discussing Aurora, the second shows the morphball in action with some gameplay footage (looking awesome I might add).

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is to be the last in the Prime series, scheduled for release in a week's time.
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SSBB Obsession said:

What, only 3? Oh well, it was a great trilogy though. Why could there not be a Metroid Prime 4.


BonbonJoe said:

They should put a demo. Even though the game's out in 1 1/2 weeks. Oh, also, for some reason the blue 3d diagram stuff reminds me a LOT of Mtv Cribs!


Gonzo said:

I'm not going to watch them here, I'm going to watch them on my Wii.


Kamehameha X said:

Holy. THE BIRTH OF MOTHER BRAIN! Wait a minute. That makes me happy, so.. I'm a huge nerd. Oh well.


budroux2w said:

Is that the Mother Brain!?


TheMetroid said:

Aurora looks like Mother Brain! Maybe it is.


Scooby Jew said:

The best. All I can hope is that my brother is going to get this game, because I'm broke.


Blaze said:

Spider ball, spider ball, does whatever a spider ball does. Can it swing a web? No it can't! Because it just uses a magnet to stick to metal.


Smash Champion said:

I have an idea, why don't they make one of these for Brawl that you can actually play?


divinity boy said:

Was she using phazon? That looked really cool/fun.


Zendalf said:

I wonder if zero suit samus will be featured.


master1 said:

I hope they have the other hunters.


davyt 0247 said:

Other hunters yes, Aurora is an organic super computer. The main one you will see is unit 242. The aurora unit for the Galactic federation flagship.


davyt 0247 said:

Blaze, the spider ball let's samus attack to magnetic morph ball tracks.

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