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Following EA's announcement of MySims, there's now also a trailer. Some of the text is in french, but the Sims language is er, universal.

Short and sweet, it doesn't tell us much about the gameplay. Suul suul!

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Yoshi-1up said:

I wish the Mii characters looked like this.


Zendalf said:

Besides facial hair I wonder if there is a way to make a sim that doesn't look about four years old.


DarkVic said:



Daniel said:

There are rumours that it's going to be an MMO, that would be cool.


Scooby Jew said:

I like the customizable house, that actually makes the overall game look like it's worth a second glance perhaps.



I think that the reason they made the characters cartoony is because if it is detailed it will be harder to make them look like you. Plus it is much less insulting when other people are making you.


Owlboy said:

I've never really been into the sims. And I don't think I ever will. But at least people who do like the sims will be happy.


Sparxjl said:

I could see this being like animal crossing.


BrothaZ said:

This looks strikingly like animal crossing; better not have replaced it!


Hey said:

Yes, Yoshi, and maybe the Sims will be as customizable as Miis in the game. That would me nice.


Great said:

I agree that the mii's should look like them. But I love the fact that it looks kind of like kiddy anime style graphics! It's so cute. Definitely getting this game!


Chaos said:

This game looks great. I'm glad that The Sims has taken a new turn-- not that I had a problem with the other Sims games. I love 'em all. But this is what Nintendo consoles are all about: Innovation. And this game delivers exactly that.


chibigirl said:

I love the new look. Can't wait for this game. 6 months? I'm going to explode waiting for it.


Garth said:

No I don't like the look of that one bit. I can't stand how everything has the anime look these days.


Crimson Hawk said:

What are you talking about Garth, the anime look is awesome. I wish the miis would look more like they did.


Ian C said:

I wonder if they'll die and pee on their pants just like the normal Sims.

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