New Nintendo Direct announced

New Nintendo Direct announced

And Smash Bros will be the focus!

Nintendo has announced its latest Nintendo Direct which is set to take place on Tuesday, April 8th. Apparently, it will be focusing on the upcoming and highly anticipated new Super Smash Bros title. The game will be releasing on both Wii U and 3DS and it is believed that the Direct will look at both versions of the game.

The game was initially announced at E3 2011 and still no release date has been given, nor has a cool and exciting title for the game been announced. Also, there are still some fan favourites not yet announced for this installment, including Captain Falcon and Ganondorf. It can only be hoped that we will receive these answers and more come next Tuesday.

It has also been made known that the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game will have some different features. One prominent example of this currently is the inclusion of different trophies for both versions. Perhaps, on April 8th, some more of these distinguishing features will be unveiled?

Nintendo Direct will begin at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT.

For more on the new Super Smash Bros and the fallout from the Nintendo Direct event, stay tuned to Wii's World!

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