Night of the Werehog animation

Last month, Sega teamed up with VE Studio to create this animation short called The Night of the Werehog, which has now been released onto the web.

It might have made more sense for this to come out on Halloween, but that's life.

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Captain Jamesman said:

Heh! That was a pretty good movie!


insultman911 said:

That was pretty cool. The ghosts remind me of Mario and Luigi, or Wario and Waluigi.


Aeth said:

Poor Chip (for those who don't know, that's the name of the little guy following Sonic and being scared about an inch to death, he's in Sonic Unleashed as an important character). Ah, Sonic, always an air arrogance with you, but then again without it you wouldn't be Sonic (well, normal Sonic anyway). Werehog Sonic kicks behind like always, those Ghosts were pretty stupid thinking that fighting Sonic would scare him,! Speaking of who, I loved the Team Rocket-esque launch off, who said Nintendo references can only be in Nintendo games? That Ghost Girl sure has a strange hobby (or collection goal, since she has her two photographers do all the scaring). Wonder if those 3 will appear in any future Sonic games or if they were only for this video. Well it would have been better if released during Halloween, but better late then never. Wonder if they'll be making a short for Sonic and the Black Knight.


Brawler 200 said:

It was a funny movie.


Daniel said:

Poor Light Gaia. Light Gaia is Chip, he just doesn't remember who he is.

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