Nintendo Says Mario Maker Won't Hurt Mario Sales

Nintendo Says Mario Maker Won't Hurt Mario Sales

Can't match fun of the official games

While there were many great games at Nintendo's E3 showing, the most unique and exciting one to me was Mario Maker.

The upcoming game gives players the ability to build their own Mario levels. However, one has to wonder will this impact the sales of current and future Mario games?

Mario Maker producer Takashi Tezuka feels quite confident that sales will see no negative impact from the future release. His reasoning: the level of fun provided by the official games simply can't be matched.

I think part of the fun of Mario is how you play and experience a series of courses, with boss battles, too, all of which get progressively harder. Mario developers build up the whole world, making sure the different courses all fit well together. I don't think the overall fun you can have with an entire Mario game is the same as playing a single course made in Mario Maker, and of course future Mario games will include lots of new features... so I don't think the two will ever be in competition.

Takashi Tezuka

Challenge accepted, Mister Tezuka!

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