No More Heroes goes mobile

Gamers in Japan will soon be able to head for the garden of madness while on the go, or taking a dump. This is thanks to publishers Marvelous releasing a series of cellphone games based on No More Heroes.

Naturally the storyline, gameplay, graphics, sound and anything else the original had worth mentioning has been scaled down severely. These games are 100 Yen a pop (approximately 93 US cents), based on Flash technology.

The first sees Travis Touchdown taking on the UAA and notable characters like Shinobu with his beam katana.

The second one has Travis riding the Schpel Tiger, in a frantic mix of mowing down assassins, jumping ramps and avoiding holes.

Currently there's no news on whether these games will be available outside of Japan. I'm also 562% certain they will fail.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Is there anything in Japan that doesn't stay exclusive or go mobile.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

That is totally epic, I would get this if I had a phone.


Nintendoof said:


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