Obscure II trailer

Horror sequel Obscure 2 has a trailer:

Looks pretty good to me!

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Rob Jones

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DragonFoxCoon said:

Yeah, cool; but the commercial itself was lame.

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Nova said:

I'm just waiting for more news on Sadness.


Scooby Jew said:

Wish I could say the same. Resident Evil pwns this game.


A wii gamer said:

Awesome a definite buy. The wii's mature line is picking up now. Bound to win awards? Will see.


BrothaZ said:

Graphics look very nice, very nice, YESSSS.


Wiimaster said:

Gangsta meets silent hill. Nice.


Wiiiii said:

It only says ps2 and pc at the end, not Wii.


Viva Las Wii said:

That's ironically good video quality, I wish I could say the same about the graphics.


the console kid said:

That looks sweet, too many good Wii games coming.


Jrapocalypse said:

They looked like alternatives not gangsters! Looks cool, a must get.

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