PDC Darts 2009 trailer

To promote the upcoming release of PDC World Championship Darts 2009, Oxygen Games has put out a new trailer.

This year's outing has been rewritten from the ground up and will include new walk ons (everyone loves a walk on), new venues, new commentary, improved character creator which includes FEMALE darters (whatever next!) and eighteen professionals:

  • Phil Taylor
  • Raymond Van Barneveld
  • Peter Manley
  • Wayne Mardle
  • Dennis Priestley
  • Adrian Lewis
  • Alan Warriner-Little
  • John Part
  • Colin Lloyd
  • Mark Dudbridge
  • Roland Scholten
  • Ronnie Baxter
  • Terry Jenkins
  • Kevin Painter
  • Andy Hamilton
  • Andy Jenkins
  • James Wade
  • Alan Tabern

PDC 2009 will be released on May 29th.

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claude charland said:

Can't wait to try the game, it's not in Canada yet. If it is, tell me where I can buy it please?

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