Introducing Pyroblazer

UK developers Candella Software have released a new trailer, showing off their latest shoot-em-up title Pyroblazer.

Set in the extreme future, naturally everything is shiny and/or made of plasma. The game has you racing along courses in your ship (known as a Blazer), blasting the opposition in an effort to reach first place and win cash prizes. As you progress through, you'll get the chance to update your machinery.

Pyroblazer is also heading to PC, that version is expected to release this month. No information on the Wii date is available.

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User comments

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Shadow said:

Looks epic for a racer.


DKX900 said:

Looks almost like a spin-off of Metroid Prime.


Master Foot said:

That prelude was WAY too long! This may fill in for F-Zero Wii.


Nintendoof said:

Reminds me of Final Fantasy for some reason.


Sundog said:

Wow, that looks pretty good. Very polished for a shmup. I'll buy it.

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