Rabbids Tour De France video

Ubisoft has come up with a comical promo video for Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

Looks like this is another thing rabbids can't do.

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Nova said:

Fun. But I was hoping for gameplay footage.


a wii gamer said:

Never played 1st one, is it good?


Elementrat said:

The end rocks. This game keeps looking better and better. I agree with Nova though, where is the gameplay footy?

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Mike said:

"a Wii gamer": It's a great game.


Quartz said:

That was hilarious.


Omega Red said:

Good trailer, love the Rabbids.


Ablex said:

The part of that video, was the Daft Punk song at the end.


Nintendoof said:

That Rabbid might (eventually) paddle to China.


Jonny B said:

The song by Daft punk-around the world for those wondering. I love when they go WAAAA.

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