Rabbids 2 promo pics

Ubisoft have released a series of fun promotional images for upcoming sequel Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, many of them showing rabbids in the style of other games.

Bunny Fisher in Splinter Cell.

Bunny Steel.

Bunnies Instincts.

Bunnies Creed.

Rainbow 6 Bunnies.

Rabbid at the arcade.

Rabbid on the train. Hope it doesn't turn spastic.

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Captain Jamesman said:

That's pretty cool. But did anyone notice one of the Rabbids have yellow eyes?


lickwid said:

Ha "Hope it doesn't turn spastic". Your quotes are the best, all the time! They are half of the reason I come to the site.


Scooby Jew said:

Heh, spastic-turning. Nice. But seriously, the rest of the pictures are just lame.


asparaWIIgus said:



Hey said:

Oh no, it's the dreaded "spastic!".


divinity boy said:

This game is gonna be hilarious.


Lovely Lady said:

Ha! I love those bunnies, and I love all those pics, especially the train.


wiifan1975 said:

Pics are funny but I hope the game holds up. Hope there's a better storyline to it than the previous one had. It was fun but it needs more.


wii rox said:

Bunnies Creed- freakin hilarious! Notice how all the games are Ubisoft property. How convenient.


Omega Red said:

I went to the site, loaded some of their images into photobucket and made them my myspace background!


Nickhead said:

These are so funny that I saved two.

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