Rage of the Gladiator trailer

Ghostfire Games has revealed a new WiiWare title called Rage of the Gladiator (not to be confused with Gladiator A.D). Here's the first trailer:

It's described as a single-player focused game where you encounter a series of boss battles, armed with a hammer and a shield. Screenshots are up on the Rage of the Gladiator page. Expect a release during Fall 2009.

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YoshLee said:

Hmmm it looks kind of promising but I question how smooth the gameplay will be. If it's anything like punch out (only FP) I'll probably like it.


YoshLee said:

I heard that the control will have the Wii mote held side ways. This probably means the controls will be alright but I wouldn't have minded if they used motion controls as long as they were smooth like Punch Out's.

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