New DS Lite colors in Europe

Europe is to see Nintendo's DS Lite handheld in three new colors, starting on June 13th. Those colors being:

  • Red
  • Lime green
  • Light blue

Are any of these wowing you? For me, this is still the best looking DS:

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Now do that for Wii.

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Shadow said:

The Light Blue is looking in my alley.


bielby23 said:

I want to green one so that whenever I see it I can throw up from looking at the DS and playing the games GET BETTER DS GAMES Nintendo.


Jonny said:

The one that got my money was the limited edition Zelda one that if you bought, came with phantom hourglass. It's a very sexy shade of gold with a triforce on it. Best in my opinion.


BrAwL said:

Weren't those colors planned for the Wii? Could that be hinting of Wiis with those colors.


wii r brawling said:



Wiipaw said:

Wow. They all look great. Reminds me of those dating shows where one guy has to choose between 3 girls to spend the rest of his life with.


Crimson Fang said:

I think it's obvious which one I like. The blue one looks like my Nintendogs DS. And isn't gray new too?


Randolph the Grey said:

Actually, I really like the Cobalt/Black and the new Red one. I hope they announce US releases soon.


smashbro said:

I think the red looks the best but I already have a red original style DS.


SkullHydra said:

I totally agree. The Crimson/Black is by far the coolest looking (Although the Onyx Black is cool too).

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Nova said:

Since when is there a silver ds?


jskrdude said:

I agree. Crimson/Black DS Lite is still the smexiest handheld gaming system I have EVER seen. Ever.


Quartz said:

Personally I like the original Sapphire DS. Because sapphire is my favorite color. Although the Black/Red is still pimpin'.


N1n3nd0 M4573r said:

There is a silver DS color in Europe. Also, I really like the look of the light blue one.


Nintendoof said:

I already have the light blue one. Had it imported.


dee said:

Yea I imported the ice blue one for my bro's birthday, and I did have the pokemon yellow special edition one but it broke. So I am getting the lime green on Friday, got one reserved - yaaay.

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