Red Steel 2 first trailer

Ubisoft has put out the first trailer for Red Steel 2.

Visually it looks pretty sweet to me, if the MotionPlus is handled well this could be a winner. A lot of people are a bit harsh on the first Red Steel, it definitely had issues, but for my money it was still fun.

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bobobo said:

Too good.


Jettwinlock said:

This one blew me away but I just hope Ubisoft isn't dicking us around with graphics since I am not sure if it's gameplay or just cg they put in. Other than that the motion plus controlling will be a welcome.


YoshLee said:

From what I can tell the gameplay looks pretty good. It at the very least seems to have better motion controls than the first one. I'm definitely getting this after all the new character you play as (who apparently they refer to as 'swordsman') looks like a total bad a**.


BrothaZ said:

The only reason the first one had flaws was because they had to rush it out the door for launch. For this one they have the ability to take their time with it, so it looks very promising.


Conduit-kid said:

Ima getting this one.


cuculainn said:

Those graphics are a real jump from the first. I'm getting this game. They probably will have more changes though.


wiiboy101 said:

Wii hd with Wii motion plus and ir pointer in both hands, bring it on. Imagine those red steel apples. On subject yes, it's looking great but I don't trust ubisoft.

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