RE Dark Side Chronicles trailer

Publishers Capcom have released the first trailer for Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles.

Note that RE is known as Biohazard in Japan. How does it look?

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wiiboy101 said:

An insult as far as I'm concerned. Where's the real game then Capcom? Because this is a joke.



This is not a joke if you know anything about gaming, this is a different turn for a good series everyone has loved for years! I like the fact that they do different things (trying) instead of releasing the same style game over and over, and if you want the normal re experience then get re5 like I did. I have every re game that has come out to date for all consoles, even pc (just got re5 last night at midnight) and I love them all. I even have the jap releases which I usually import before the us versions come out. Good job capcom, keep variety alive.


wiiboy101 said:

If I know anything about gaming I'm CUBEBOY101/WIIBOY101, I purchased a 5 bedroom house on my Nintendo stock profits as I invested my inheritance before Wii launched and made 120,000 pounds in clear cash profit. I also advised everyone on gamecube fan sites to do the same. I DON'T KNOW GAMING, funny. I'm an ex game tester at Frankfurt Germany Nintendo euro HQ, the job I had is currently advertised in uk newspapers for more ENGLISH SPEAKING TESTERS. I don't know about gaming ha ha ha. So the Wii isn't saturated with rail shooters and capcom are treating us like casuals who cannot use an analog stick.


Son Ninja said:

This game might turn out decent but what I really want was a remake of Resident Evil 2, not another rail shooter. The GameCube version of RE2 was a straight port from the Dreamcast version so it wasn't as good since I experienced it before on the N64, had the GameCube version is a remake I'll gladly buy that version over this rail shooter. I'll take the remake over any RE rail shooter. Not that I hate rail shooters, it's just that for the Wii Resident Evil is turning into a House of the Dead wannabe. That I don't want.


Cheesewiz said:

Why does capcom hate us! All the good games come out for the 360 and ps3. What do we get? A House of the dead copier. I still might get this game though. It doesn't look that bad. Better than Umbrella chronicles and I got that. But they could've still made re5 for the Wii.


kylaman said:

I feel the same as all of you. When I first got the GC's remake RE 1 I was like oh my god but when they started releasing RE 2-3 my heart was broken because I wasn't sure if Capcom was being lazy or just didn't care, but if not RE:X and 3 then they should have at least remade 2, that was more of a classic than any from theme music to the story line it was too good of a game to just port.


juggernaught said:

Just release resident evil with 3rd person gameplay, not rail shooting. I want exploration and scare factor, not shoot everything in sight.

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