Sonic Riders ZG intro

Here's a cool intro scene from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Sonic and co sound a lot cooler in Japanese, probably because I can't understand all the cliches they're spitting out.

Don't get carried away though, the cut-scenes in Sonic Next-gen were well done too. The game? Not so much.

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Quartz said:

True, Sonic Next-gen was really bad. Looking good. And, actually, the lines they have in Japanese are a lot less stupid. In America Sonic aims for the kiddies with terrible cliches.


DragonFoxCoon said:

The movie looks cool, but I bet the game is going to be sub-par.


Moo said:

Pretty intense graphics.


Nintendoof said:



nintendo iQue said:

I like the mario-esque "ya-hoo!" at the end,.


Sonic Phantom said:

Well, 06 had better CGI cinematics than Sonic Riders. While it was very impressive it did turn out to be a bad game. Sonic Rider Zero Gravity in my opinion, will be an excellent game, loved by a lot of other people.


Tommy said:

God tails is so girly.


Sonic Phantom said:

Um, I would rather hold your judgement until you play the game first.


TruBlu said:

It's too bad Sonic in America is aimed at young boys. Girls who are in their early teens play it too, Sega of America. I agree, Tails is rather feminine. Well, Sonic doesn't mind.


Gabe said:

Is there any way to skip the intro? Tommy, that's the new Politically Correct Tails (someone has to be the flamer). It used to be that companies had to put black people in all production/commercial/entertainment venues or they'd be sued. Now, homos get the same platform. Sure can't wait for white males to be minorities, I'm going to demand reparations.

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