Speedrunners Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders

Speedrunners Raise Money for Doctors Without Borders

Starting Sunday, June 22, with the Dr. himself, Mario!

After their success in January, raising over $1 million for Prevent Cancer, gamesdonequick.com will begin their next great speedrunning charity marathon this Sunday to benefit Doctors Without Borders. This event will feature more than 100 games and will be broadcast from the Crowne Plaza in the Denver International Airport.

The games will include everything from Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and Bioshock 2 to Kirby's Dream Land and Aladdin on the Genesis. But, to start it all off, they will be playing a speed run of Super Mario 3D World, which will be amazing to watch. For those interested in seeing the entire schedule, I have included it here.

Be sure to tune in on Sunday at 2 p.m. Eastern on the Games Done Quick Home Page and Twitch account for some mind blowing speedrunning action! While you are watching, please donate to help this great cause and help Games Done Quick surpass $1 million!

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