SPOGS Racing trailer

D2C has released a trailer for SPOGS Racing, an aggressive racer coming to WiiWare.

A unique feature of this game is that you can steal your opponents' parts by racing close to them. Other bells and whistles will be included too, such as tricks, ramps, loops and six weapons. Not to mention three different control schemes and several play modes.

New screenshots are up on the game's page too. SPOGS Racing is to be released sometime this year.

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Randolph the Grey said:

Graphics aren't half bad for a downloadable. The gameplay looks good. The music is.. okay?


Medjai Power said:

That game looks awesome. Is WiiWare stuff free?

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Mike said:

I shouldn't judge too early but I think that looks crap.


filipedyfolpedyflu said:

Graphics look a little.. N64?


Jskrdude said:

This actually looks kind fun. And reminds me of a hotwheel toy that used to be sold (or maybe it was a McDonalds kids meal toy).


Wiipaw said:

Wow. I thought this game would suck. Guess I was wrong, although I could just buy some Fly Wheels.


Wii Freak said:

If Chicken Shoot was downloadable, then it wouldn't have been half bad.


Rock said:

I like the concept of a racing game as a wheel is cool. The graphics seem better than the N64 and you do have to pay for it along with other WiiWare stuff.


Goombaka said:

Those vehicles remind me of the "it" from southpark, which was pretty much the gayest mode of transit ever invented.

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