SSX game named + trailer

We've known for a long time that an SSX game was hitting the Wii. Fresh details emerged today, it will be titled SSX Blur. Also a trailer is now available.

If the controls are well implemented this could be a winner. Personally the last game I played from this series was SSX Tricky, which was really cool.

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Unknown said:

SSX Blur. I like that name.


quartzlcc said:

Ooh, it looks awesome.


wii pwnes said:

WOW SSX is one of my favorite games on the ggn.


wiilad101 said:

That is looking very impressive. The animation and motion look cool. Let's hope it has sweet gameplay as well. EA need to get their act together.


wii-mote dude said:

SSX tricky rocked. This one looks equally awesome, although it doesn't have as many ice sheets as tricky. Those looked really awesome.


Elementrat said:

SSX Tricky was awesome! If they could just pull together a remake of it with updated controls I would buy it.


wiifan15 said:

The quality on my monitor is crappy, but looking at some of the snow effects, the graphics look pretty good.

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