Super Mario Chess set

Introducing the new Super Mario Chess Set, being created by USAopoly (nice name) this Fall at a recommended retail price of $44.99.

Now I like chess as much as the next guy, but this set seems as though it could be complicated to use. It also features some questionable character choices for the pieces... Luigi is queen? Wouldn't goombas make better pawns? I don't know, but Nintendo Monopoly seems like a better buy to me.

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Lay-Z Boy said:



Tsukuyomi said:

Is Luigi the queen?

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daveoneal said:

Cool, but I'm holding out for Trivial Pursuit: Video Game Edition.


YoshLee said:

44.99! That seems a little expensive, too bad I have zero skill in chess.


Grey said:

Luigi's a queen.


Nintendoof said:

I think I'd mess around with the figures instead of actually playing chess.


Mischief Shadow said:

Looks hot.


Wii Cloud said:

Cheapen the price, and then, people'll look at it.


Darunia said:

If you're upset about Luigi, just switch him with Peach.


BrothaZ said:

Toads and goombas as pawns, level-clear flag and bowser flag as rooks, switch luigi and peach, and we're all set!

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