Super Monkey Ball steps and rolls

Rumors of this game surfaced a few weeks back, but publishers Sega have now gone ahead and confirmed a new Balance Board compatible Super Monkey Ball title.

It's called Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, no other details are availabubble but there is a teaser video to show Ai-ai trying out the new controls:


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StarTurtle said:

I remember playing the original game for gamecube years ago. It was a game that both my family and I really enjoyed playing. The balance board will make this game more interesting.


Dave the man Dace said:

I can't wait to try this out. I got Wii Fit like a month ago and I played the one balance game that is like Monkey Ball over and over again. This game is going to be so challenging, but so fun.

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Tiffany said:

I love Wii fit. And WOW this looks like fun. I hope it has all the different games. I can play these games for hours.

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