Super Swing Golf 2 trailer

Tecmo has released a trailer for their second golf outing on the Wii, Super Swing Golf 2. I'd have to admit it's the most action packed golf game I've ever seen. PANGYAAAA!

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Peach is #1 said:

Go girls.


Scooby Jew said:

Holy crap. That was really action-packed for a golf game. The Japanese voice acting was killing me though, so I can't exactly say that was a good trailer. If I ever want a golf game, this is going to be the first one that comes to mind without a doubt.


Nintenbro said:

Nice graphics. Looks like fun too.


Maximillian said:

Wow, what was that? You can't even call that golf. If I didn't read the super golf label I would have no idea what that was.


feb10isfartheraway said:

Dang. They added anime and dragons and witches and really weird club swings.


divinityboy said:

Making golf awesome for everyone.

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Nova said:

That is intense. The graphics look good though.

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