Super Swing Golf new trailer

A new trailer is available for Super Swing Golf, a golf game with anime stylings published by Tecmo.

I wish I had a nurse to play golf with. The game is due for release on December the 12th in the US, and on Christmas day in Japan.

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Ja-Mez said:

The best way to attract gamers is with sexc women.


Captain Jamesman said:

This game looks amazing! I can't wait to get this.


Scooby!_Jew said:

Dang, looks better than I had expected. I could've sworn I saw somebody use a mace to golf with, and I have this much to say about that; Brutal.


Econo said:

That will be a game i'll get, if I can get my hands on it.


Hey said:

Sexy isn't the first word that came to mind when I saw this game. Makes the sport a lot more fun than it really is though, that's good.


wiiboy101 said:

Art direction and general level of graphics is very cool. Wii shall be fine graphically, I don't see where the evidence of poor graphics comes from. You can't judge Wii on Wii play or Sports, they're party titles for crying out loud. Just watched cod3 wii/ps3/360 head to head hd trailer, Wii version was developed by a outside team and mostly on gamecube dev kits not true Wii dev kits, yet it's giving ps3 version a run for its money. 360 looked best but it's the second cod game developed for it and it's been out a whole year so it must have been ps3 ported from 360 and gamecube version dropped for Wii version. I can't wait to see cod4 on Wii. Wii is impressing mii loads, clearly Wii versions gameplay killed the 360/ps3.

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