The Simpsons trailer

Here's a trailer for The Simpsons game.

Rocktastic? Probably one to look forward to.

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The Hamburgler said:

Awesome. Definitely going to get my hands on this one. Love the animation style.


divinity boy said:

This looks to be the best of the series so far, not that they have to raise the bar that much though.


SSB4LIFE said:

Sweet! I'm definitely buying this. It looks extremely good.


Nintendoof said:

More shooting. And violence. Yay violence.


BrothaZ said:

I think The Simpsons: Hit and Run was amazing. Really want to get this one.


Gdog said:

Totally wicked! I love the simpsons.


Wiipaw said:

Ha Ha! Grand Theft Simpsons.

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